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Samsung Nexus S Auto Vent Holder

Gomadic holders are known for it’s quality and a lifetime warranty. They are designed to give you best angle when you watch your Google Nexus S. There is also car charger included so you can charge your Nexus S as you go!  Three point mount system will provide you extra stability and it’s easy to remove and will not damage your vents.

Price: $ 39.95

Google Nexus S External Battery Charger

  • This external battery uses high capacity battery (4400 mah)
  • Compact design with LED indicators to display battery status
  • You can use your Google Nexus S for hours or recharge without being teathered into wall outlet
  • Uses Gomadic TipExchange Tips (Google Nexus S tip is included)
  • This charging kit includes Rechargeable Lithium External Battery Pack, Retractable USB cable and two charging tips for the Google Nexus S and battery pack.
  • Comes with lifetime warranty!

You will don’t have more sweating in the parking lot waiting for your Google Nexus S to charge. It is small, lightweight and extremely durable.

Price: $ 49.95

Google Nexus S KIT includes USB, Car and Wall Charger

  • Kit includes: USB sync and charger, Car charger and Wall charger.
  • High current output current ( 1000mA ) for faster charging.
  • Chargers have built-in prevents for device from power surges, overcharging and short-circuiting

With this kit you can charger your Nexus S at house with wall charger, at your car with car charger or charge it from your computer with USB charger. Product comes with lifetime warranty.

Price: $ 44.95

Google Nexus S Audio FM Transmitter

  • This Audio FM Transmitter will provide you clear and rich audio.
  • It can simultaneously charge your Nexus S while listening music.
  • Full FM frequency spectrum selectable (88.1 to 107.9 MHz).
  • It will work in every size and shape vehicle, cars, truck etc.
  • Product comes with lifetime warranty.

It will charge your cell phone every time you plug in your Nexus S smartphone. Imagine being able to listen to all your music on your Google Nexus One directly through the FM radio in your car.

Price: $ 34.95