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Samsung Nexus S Auto Vent Holder

Gomadic holders are known for it’s quality and a lifetime warranty. They are designed to give you best angle when you watch your Google Nexus S. There is also car charger included so you can charge your Nexus S as

Blog: Google Nexus S with MeeGo OS

Blog: Google Nexus S with MeeGo OS

Some guys manage to port MeeGo OS to Google Nexus S smartphone. If you don’t know MeeGo is open operating system based on Linux and developed by Nokia, Intel and AMD. There are still no MeeGo phones available but they

Google Nexus S MobiManĀ® Leather Horizontal Punch Case

Made from premium genuine leather to meet your highest demands It has strong magnetic flap for the best combination of security and ease of use Pocket Size: 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches / 115 x 64 x 13 mm

Google Nexus S External Battery Charger

This external battery uses high capacity battery (4400 mah) Compact design with LED indicators to display battery status You can use your Google Nexus S for hours or recharge without being teathered into wall outlet Uses Gomadic TipExchange Tips (Google

Google Nexus S Jabra Foldable Bluetooth Headset

Jabra Foldable Bluetooth Headset With this Jabra BT headset wireless music and answer phones calls in crystal clear stereo sound Zirene Power Bass will provide you Noise Blackout and balance audio It also has corded option for non Bluetooth-enabled phones,

Google Nexus S TrueVue Screen Protector

Extra Thin and Crystal Clear screen protector Only 0.2mm thick! Fits perfectly on Google Nexus S Will show original color tones from screen of your cell phone It will protect your screen from scratches and demage Heat and Water Resistant

Blog: Google Nexus S can read credit cards!

Blog: Google Nexus S can read credit cards!

After a stop of production of its first mobile phone Nexus One, who did not find a good response among customers, Google has decided to launch a new market rivals the iPhone and similar smartphones. The successor to the Nexus

Google Nexus S Headphones Handsfree Headset – White

Great build quality This handsfree includes On/Off buttons on the microphone and allows you easy handling On/Off buttons also controls music playback Headphones Handsfree Headset for Google Nexus S – White color This headphone provides you comfort, fit, and great

Blog: Google Nexus S launched into space!

Blog: Google Nexus S launched into space!

Google has launched it’s new smartphone Nexus S into space. Literally. To celebrate the start of sales Google did some promotion for Nexus S, Google’s mobile employees have decided to attach the cell phone to a balloon and send it