Google Nexus S Design and Display Review

When we first noticed a picture of the Nexus S it did not thrill us, but when we saw it live we were impressed, a positive. Still, the excitement occurs only when the design was fully considered. The Nexus housing with its ergonomic design is really great because it feels right in your hand. The ergonomically designed unit fits into the casing and gently curved screen, which Google Nexus S is the first such device in the world. About how and why the idea for the curved screen, we don’t know, you should ask the engineers at Google and Samsung. Google’s official stance is that it is “to increase usability.” We are in this position of testing the good ideas. It is not only the curved screen, but the entire design, so maybe that squatting secret why the Nexus S so well in the hand.

Taking for example the iPhone 4, which is characterized by excellent design, we can see that is not ergonomically perfect, and unlike the Samsung Nexus S in this segment provides a lot more. Also, because it’s shape, curvature and the curvature of the Nexus S looks more compact than what it could be inferred by the read out the dimensions of 123.9 x 63 x 10.9 mm. Weights only 129 gram and the Nexus S is among the easier devices for it’s dimensions.

What is the structure itself is concerned, the Nexus S is made of plastic and does not look quite sophisticated, however, unlike his older brother, the Google Nexus One, body creaks and rumor. Of course, the fingerprints will often left to the on-screen and on the back.

Successor to the Nexus S: Google Nexus Prime

The next Google’s smartphone, the successor to the Nexus S is coming soon, there are indications that it will be called Google Nexus Prime and will be based on next-generation Android version called the Ice Cream Sandwich. Also, speculation about the possible specifications and the latest information show that will be powered by a 1.5 GHz dualcore processor and will have the Samsung Surer AMOLED Plus display that will feature 720p HD resolution (1280×720px). If we are to believe the source mentioned the screen will be slightly increased to the diagonal of 4.5 inches. What is interesting Nexus Prime should be presented in October, which means that the sale could occur later this year.

Looking for Android tablet? Meet Motorola XOOM

Next Gen Tablet equipped with a 10.1 inch screen runs on Android 3.0 and comes with Verizon wireless mobile broadband connectivity. Comes with NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core mobile processor; complete support for Adobe Flash so that you enjoy the luxury of viewing websites, movies, games and more. Video chat enabled with front facing 2-megapixel camera and a microphone; high resolution stills and HD 20p video recording through back mounted 5-megapixel camera. Video playback, Wi-Fi web browsing time of 10 hours, with 336 hours or 14 days of standby time; launched in February, 2011

The Motorola XOOM that comes equipped with a dual core processor with each core running at 1.0 GHZ, a 10.1inch widescreen HD display and 3G connectivity (easily upgradable to 4G) has redefined the world of tablet PCs by coming out with something that is more fun to use, connect with friends and stay productive on the move. A champ at the 2011 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and winner of the best show award, the XOOM also offers complete support for Adobe Flash, thus enabling you to view the web with any kind of compromise.

Comes with 32 GB built-in memory; Wireless-N Wi-Fi with facilities for mobile hotspot; HDMI connectors; option for using MicroSD cards (along with software update)

Samsung Nexus S Auto Vent Holder

Gomadic holders are known for it’s quality and a lifetime warranty. They are designed to give you best angle when you watch your Google Nexus S. There is also car charger included so you can charge your Nexus S as you go!  Three point mount system will provide you extra stability and it’s easy to remove and will not damage your vents.

Price: $ 39.95

BLOG: White Nexus S is coming to Germany!

The white Nexus S is coming to Germany, and then, we believe, to the rest of Europe. The design of device is similar to the Galaxy Tab – on the front black color and white plastic on the back.

Besides the color, the white Nexus S will be the same as black version. Also, will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread without any modification, Hummingbird gigahertz processor, a chip for the NFC mobile payments, and other specifications the same as the black model.

When the white version of the Nexus S is coming to the USA is unknown.

Google Nexus S MOFI Fashion Pouch

Mofi Fashion case for your Nexus S is made only from the finest materials. It automatically cleans your phone with it’s inner materials. It is made for soft quality velour micro fibre.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN different colors.

Price: $ 4.99

Blog: Google Nexus S with MeeGo OS

Some guys manage to port MeeGo OS to Google Nexus S smartphone. If you don’t know MeeGo is open operating system based on Linux and developed by Nokia, Intel and AMD. There are still no MeeGo phones available but they are expected for Q2 2011. As you can see this is still in early development stage and there is no instructions how to install MeeGo on Nexus S.


Google Nexus S Car Vent Holder

This car vent holder / mount is made by Gomadic and comes with a lifetime warranty. No-scratch and no-skid design with thick rubber pads on sides to protect your Nexus S cell phone. It has quick release side grip button for easy removal of Nexus S. This car vent holder is adjustable for vertical or horizontal vents and fits on any vehicle vent system. Three point mount system provides extra stability. Allows you clear visibility and easy access to your Nexus S smartphone.

    Price: $ 24.95

    Google Nexus S MobiMan® Leather Horizontal Punch Case

    • Made from premium genuine leather to meet your highest demands
    • It has strong magnetic flap for the best combination of security and ease of use
    • Pocket Size: 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches / 115 x 64 x 13 mm – fits Google Nexus S perfectly

    Fashioned designed leather case will provide you full protection from everyday scratches and scuffs.

    Price: $ 9.95

    Google Nexus S External Battery Charger

    • This external battery uses high capacity battery (4400 mah)
    • Compact design with LED indicators to display battery status
    • You can use your Google Nexus S for hours or recharge without being teathered into wall outlet
    • Uses Gomadic TipExchange Tips (Google Nexus S tip is included)
    • This charging kit includes Rechargeable Lithium External Battery Pack, Retractable USB cable and two charging tips for the Google Nexus S and battery pack.
    • Comes with lifetime warranty!

    You will don’t have more sweating in the parking lot waiting for your Google Nexus S to charge. It is small, lightweight and extremely durable.

    Price: $ 49.95