Google Nexus S Design and Display Review

When we first noticed a picture of the Nexus S it did not thrill us, but when we saw it live we were impressed, a positive. Still, the excitement occurs only when the design was fully considered. The Nexus housing with its ergonomic design is really great because it feels right in your hand. The ergonomically designed unit fits into the casing and gently curved screen, which Google Nexus S is the first such device in the world. About how and why the idea for the curved screen, we don’t know, you should ask the engineers at Google and Samsung. Google’s official stance is that it is “to increase usability.” We are in this position of testing the good ideas. It is not only the curved screen, but the entire design, so maybe that squatting secret why the Nexus S so well in the hand.

Taking for example the iPhone 4, which is characterized by excellent design, we can see that is not ergonomically perfect, and unlike the Samsung Nexus S in this segment provides a lot more. Also, because it’s shape, curvature and the curvature of the Nexus S looks more compact than what it could be inferred by the read out the dimensions of 123.9 x 63 x 10.9 mm. Weights only 129 gram and the Nexus S is among the easier devices for it’s dimensions.

What is the structure itself is concerned, the Nexus S is made of plastic and does not look quite sophisticated, however, unlike his older brother, the Google Nexus One, body creaks and rumor. Of course, the fingerprints will often left to the on-screen and on the back.