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Samsung Nexus S Auto Vent Holder

Gomadic holders are known for it’s quality and a lifetime warranty. They are designed to give you best angle when you watch your Google Nexus S. There is also car charger included so you can charge your Nexus S as you go!  Three point mount system will provide you extra stability and it’s easy to remove and will not damage your vents.

Price: $ 39.95

Google Nexus S Car Vent Holder

This car vent holder / mount is made by Gomadic and comes with a lifetime warranty. No-scratch and no-skid design with thick rubber pads on sides to protect your Nexus S cell phone. It has quick release side grip button for easy removal of Nexus S. This car vent holder is adjustable for vertical or horizontal vents and fits on any vehicle vent system. Three point mount system provides extra stability. Allows you clear visibility and easy access to your Nexus S smartphone.

    Price: $ 24.95

    Google Nexus S External Battery Charger

    • This external battery uses high capacity battery (4400 mah)
    • Compact design with LED indicators to display battery status
    • You can use your Google Nexus S for hours or recharge without being teathered into wall outlet
    • Uses Gomadic TipExchange Tips (Google Nexus S tip is included)
    • This charging kit includes Rechargeable Lithium External Battery Pack, Retractable USB cable and two charging tips for the Google Nexus S and battery pack.
    • Comes with lifetime warranty!

    You will don’t have more sweating in the parking lot waiting for your Google Nexus S to charge. It is small, lightweight and extremely durable.

    Price: $ 49.95

    Google Nexus S Charging Station

    Google Nexus S charging station includes a wall charger. This kit also includes four tips including a tip for the Google Nexus S. This station supports over 4000 devices including cell phones / tablets / PDAs / MP3 & MP4 players / cameras / etc

    Provides a seamless clean look to your entry way; computer desk; living room or kitchen. Unlike other charging stations this station includes wall charger.

    It has built-in protects for power surges; short-circuiting; and helps prevent over-charging f your battery. High current output current ( 2000mA ) will provide you faster charging. Plug adapters included as shown in product pictures above.

      Price: $ 49.95

      Google Nexus S KIT includes USB, Car and Wall Charger

      • Kit includes: USB sync and charger, Car charger and Wall charger.
      • High current output current ( 1000mA ) for faster charging.
      • Chargers have built-in prevents for device from power surges, overcharging and short-circuiting

      With this kit you can charger your Nexus S at house with wall charger, at your car with car charger or charge it from your computer with USB charger. Product comes with lifetime warranty.

      Price: $ 44.95

      Google Nexus S Audio FM Transmitter

      • This Audio FM Transmitter will provide you clear and rich audio.
      • It can simultaneously charge your Nexus S while listening music.
      • Full FM frequency spectrum selectable (88.1 to 107.9 MHz).
      • It will work in every size and shape vehicle, cars, truck etc.
      • Product comes with lifetime warranty.

      It will charge your cell phone every time you plug in your Nexus S smartphone. Imagine being able to listen to all your music on your Google Nexus One directly through the FM radio in your car.

      Price: $ 34.95