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BLOG: White Nexus S is coming to Germany!

The white Nexus S is coming to Germany, and then, we believe, to the rest of Europe. The design of device is similar to the Galaxy Tab – on the front black color and white plastic on the back.

Besides the color, the white Nexus S will be the same as black version. Also, will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread without any modification, Hummingbird gigahertz processor, a chip for the NFC mobile payments, and other specifications the same as the black model.

When the white version of the Nexus S is coming to the USA is unknown.

Google Nexus S Headphones Handsfree Headset – White

  • Great build quality
  • This handsfree includes On/Off buttons on the microphone and allows you easy handling
  • On/Off buttons also controls music playback

Headphones Handsfree Headset for Google Nexus S – White color

This headphone provides you comfort, fit, and great sound quality. Stereo Headset also comes with a high performance microphone that will remove all noise.

Price: $ 4.99